Hooree N760B Waterproof  Solar Wall Lamp

Hooree N760B Waterproof Solar Wall Lamp

Item No.: N760B
Description Photo
Product Parameters:
Solar panel: 2V/ 130mAh
Battery: Ni-MH AA 1.2V / 1000mAh
Material: ABS + PC
Lamp colors: White/ Yellow
LED: 6pcs
Lumens: 36lm
Lighting time: ≥ 8 hours
Charging time: ≥ 8 hours
Lighting mode: Constant light + light control

1. Waterproof 
2. Energy-saving, environment friendly. 
3. Product application area: Wall/ Garden/ Courtyard/ Road/ Park/ Street/ Pathway etc.

Package List:
1 x solar lamp
1 x user manual
2 x screws


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